MEA-based parallelized screening of islets of Langerhans


Glucose-dependent electrical oscillatory activity in beta cells within
islets of Langerhans is important for understanding their physiology
and pathophysiology. Electrophysiological recordings are both time
consuming and technically challenging thus limiting academic research and industrial drug development. We offer MEA-based parallelized recording systems for multiple acute recordings on primary or stem cell derived islets of Langerhans and chronic recordings in an incubator system.

  • Non-invasive method enables long-term in vitro research
  • Simpler experimental handling and higher throughput than conventional methods compatible with the needs of academic and industrial laboratories
  • Easier and faster to use than conventional, invasive methods such as patch-clamp and recording with intracellular electrodes
  • Measurements from intact islets
  • Suitable for diabetes research, e.g. drug development

Acute recordings


  • Easy to use for electrophysiological recordings of up to 40 islets simultaneously
  • Non-invasive and fast, medium throughput screening device
  • Beta cell specific analysis software included
  • Islets secured using suction
  • Drug screening also possible with human beta cells

Chronic recordings with incubator-ready system


  • Small footprint, low heat emission
  • Possibility for parallel operation of many headstages
  • Ideal solution for continuous, undisturbed recordings and stimulation of samples in the incubator or on a microscope stage with environmental control

Specialized software for beta cell screening


  • Specifically designed for long-term and acute beta cell recordings
  • Specialized tool set for spike/burst (oscillation) analysis
  • Dose response experiments on pancreatic beta cells in islets of Langerhans
  • Compatible with MEA2100-Beta-Screen and classic MEA2100 systems